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Protect your website against spam, bots and get revenue for each unique captcha solved by your website visitors

The AdCaptchas benefits
Advanced Security

Protect your website against spam, bots and any other abuse for a better experience

Easy of Use

Fast and effortless interaction for your website users with high loading on any device

Get Revenue

Receive revenue from every unique solved captcha from your daily unique users

What is AdCaptchas?

AdCaptchas is a free captcha tool service that protects your website from spam and abuse. AdCaptchas use an advanced tool analysis software based on easy understand and fast loading for users who keep away spam, bots and other abuse from your website.

AdCaptchas is more than security captcha tool, AdCaptchas is an smart advertising captcha tool who connect advertisers and websites owners where offer advertising solutions for advertisers and security captcha solutions for webmasters. Our smart and security advertising captcha tool is first and unique on market, so feel free to give it us a try.

AdCaptchas for
Websites Owners

Our captcha tool offer protection for your website against spam, bots and any other abuse.

In same time you receive revenue for every captcha solved by your users. We pay daily for every unique captcha solved based on our CPM model revenue.

AdCaptchas for
Our Advertisers

Advertising sistem based on CPM higher bid. We display first only ad campaign with higher CPM bid.

You pay only for unique visitors, rest of non-unique visitors are free traffic for your website or for your business ad campaign.